Some of German's children must have died as more females were listed in Kentucky census.

German's land at death was 80 acres, described as "The east 1/2 of the NE quarter of fractional section twelve in township on south of Range eleven west. (Held by William & Dicy Brittingham).

Bertha Brittingham Garrett assumes the first wife of German died in Kentucky and he moved to Indiana to join the families already there. Tabitha Fields, the second wife of German/Jarman Brittingham is a non-blood relative. The unknown wife in Kentucky would be my blood line. However, Tabitha Fields may be related to the Field family I have in my Garwood line.

German is listed as serving in the War of 1812 in the 1st Rifle Regiment (Allen's), Kentucky Volunteers. A John Brittenham served in the same War. (His son?) (Spelled Brittenham) His first name may have also been spelled Jarman, as it is listed both ways.

From further research, it seems before 1800, German lived in Maryland. Bertha Brittingham Garett could not find him in KY records before 1800. A post on the Brittingham internet list by Dan Burd shows a Jarmin Brittingham in the Maryland land records. This has been found to be our German.

German (also spelled Jarman) BRITTINGHAM or BRITTENHAM seems to have come from Wicomico County, Maryland as he and Truitt BRITTINGHAM are listed in a land record there in junction with

land patents concerning Bartholowmew SLATTERY, William SLATTERY, John SLATTERY, Thomas LITTLETON,

Minos LITTLETON, David GAULT, and Benjamin TRUITT. Later land transactions are in Worcester Co., Maryland.

I have gotten these records from the Brittingham e-mail list from Dan Burd.

From Ruth Dryden's Land Records of Wicomico County (posted by Shari Handley on the Lower Delmarva list):


Patented in 1783 by Bartholomew Slattery for 290 acres.

29 Mar 1782 Bartholomew Slattery sold to Truitt Brittingham 31 acres.

1783 tax - Truitt Brittingham 31 acres, Acquango 100, Worc. Co.

1783 tax - Bartholomew Slattery 259 acres.

16 May 1783 Truitt Brittingham sold to Jarman Brittingham 31 acres.

9 Jan 1790 Jarman Brittingham sold to Benjamin Truitt 31 acres.

1802 Bartholomew Slattery willed to son William Slattery 124 acres unnamed land and land also to son John Slattery.

1845 Thomas Littleton willed to son Minos Covington Littleton and to daughter Charlotte Gault wife of David Gault, part.

From Dryden's Land Records of Worcester County


Patented in 1789 by Jarman Brittingham for 41 acres.

22 Sep 1804 Cornelius Morris, Elijah Reed, John Brittingham sold part to William Adkins

From Dryden's Land Records of Worcester County:


Patented in 1784 by Truitt Brittingham for 4 acres.

16 May 1788 Truitt Brittingham sold 4 acres to Jarman Brittingham.


Maryland -- there's no Jarman or German listed as the head of a household in either 1790 or 1800.

Kentucky -- German Britingham appears in 1800, German Britinham and Jerman Britinham appear in 1810, and Jerman Brettenham appears in 1820.

Indiana -- German Britenham(I'm not sure of this spelling) in the 1830 Indiana Census. (Dan Burd)

War of 1812 Records -- from a typescript of Brittingham names taken from "Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812" (apparently from LDS Film Nol 882543): German Brittenham served in the 1st Rifle Regiment (Allen's), Kentucky Volunteers (John Brittenham served in the same regiment). (How is John related? The son of German or otherwise?)

Indiana State Library Genealogy Division "A - B" Indiana Marriages Through 1850

Last Name, Bride or Groom: BRITTINGHAM

First Name, Bride or Groom: GERMAN

Last Name, Spouse: FIELDS

First Name, Spouse: TABITHA

County : Gibson

Date : 6-7-1828

1803-(this is the year German was around Lexington, KY) Migration through Kentucky, as well as settlement there, increased after the Louisiana Purchase.

1812- 1815 The War of 1812 involved many Kentucky soldiers. (German served)

Elected coroner of Gibson Co., Indiana(1832)

On tax list in Fayette Co., Kentucky (November 07, 1800)

In census of Woodford Co., Kentucky (1810)



Was under the guardianship of his brother, George W., from November 15, 1837 until February 12, 1840. James was to work from November 15, 1837 for a year on the estate of their father but left October 27, 1838. (Court records showing what James was doing after being under George's guardianship.) Courts identified James as "idiot son of German".



n 11 Aug 1838, husband George Chapman signed for Polly's share of her father's will, twelve dollars and 50 cents. On 20 Feb 1843 she sold land to her brother, George William with husband, Marcus Hughes (land from her father's will) for $800.

Indiana State Library Genealogy Division "A - B" Indiana Marriages Through 1850

Last Name, Bride or Groom: BRITTINGHAM

First Name, Bride or Groom: MARY

Last Name, Spouse: CHAPMAN

First Name, Spouse: GEORGE W

County : Gibson

Date : 10-14-1828

Mary Polly Brittingham was also married to Marcus Hughes.


NOTES ON GEORGE W. BRITTINGHAM: (German Brittingham's son)

Had guardianship of his brother, James, from 15 Nov 1837 until 12 Feb 1840. On 12 Nov 1837 George signed for James' portion of their father's estate.

Book D. Sec 26 p. 737, Gibson County, IN- 23 Apr 1832, bought land from William Barker (Parker?) and Abiah, wife, with consideration-one bay horse worth $60, for parcel of land containing 26 1/2 acres a part of the s.e. 1/4 and in the s.e. corner of sec. 26, t. 1, s. 11, r. w., being the same conveyed by Johnathon C. Fisher to William Barker (Parker?).

Indiana State Library Genealogy Division "A - B" Indiana Marriages Through 1850

Last Name, Bride or Groom: BRITTINGHAM

First Name, Bride or Groom: GEORGE

Last Name, Spouse: PARKER

First Name, Spouse: ELIZABETH

County : Gibson

Date : 7-1-1834

Was also married to: Lucy Humphrey



The will of William only listed Thomas and Lucy in 1829 but the 1830 census listed six people under the age of 15, 4 male and 2 female. Also under "Brittenham".

An 1820 census lists William as a manufacturer in Gibson County, Indiana.

"A History of Gibson County, Indiana", by Jas. T. Tartt & Co. tells of the incorporation of the town of Princeton in 1818. William Brittingham was listed among the men residing in the town. Seventeen were in favor of the incorporation and four were against it.

To follow is the will of my 4th g. grandfather, William BRITTINGHAM, son of German/Jarman BRITTINGHAM & husband of Dicy HUMPHREY...

I make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other, first, I bequeath unto my wife Dicy Brittingham, all my household and kitchen furniture and all my personal property of every kind and description, my debts be first to be paid out of the same. I also give unto my said wife Dicy all debts due and demand to me due or owing, second, I devise unto my son Thomas Brittingham, and my daughter Lucy and their heirs and assigns forever fifty acres of land on the waters of Patoka in Gibson County, lying between the upper and lower bridge the title which is now in the heirs of John Fisher and Patrick Payne. Thirdly, I also give unto my wife the rents issue and profits of said fifty acres, she paying the taxes thereunto until my said son Thomas Brittingham and my daughter Lucy respectfully arrive at full age. Fourthly, I do appoint Samuel Hall my executor of this my last will and testament. Given under my hand and seal this 4th day of Feb. 1829- Signed, Sealed & Acknowledged, William Brittingham (Seal)

In presence of Chauncey Pierce and Johnathon Lathom-

St. of Indiana, Gibson Co.--- Be it remembered that on the 28th day of March 1829 personally appeared before me J.I. Neeley, clerk of Gib. Co. Court, Johnathon Lathom one of the subscribing witnesses to the within last will and testament of William Brittingham, late of Gibson Co. dec'd, who made oath agreeably to law that the said deceased signed, sealed and acknowledged the same in his presence and in the presence of the other subscribing witnesses in the presence of the deceased.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office at Princeton this, the day and year above mentioned. (Recorded 28 March 1829) J.I. Neeley, clerk

Appraisement of sale, etc. (22 Jan 1817) William Brittingham and Dicy, town of Princeton, sell to James Ramsey for $129 the undivided 1/2 of a certain lot or parcel of land in the town of Princeton known as lot No. 67. Recorded 1 Feb. 1817

Bought 50 acres from Fisher estate & went to court to clear title(1817)

50 acres of land in will now under heirs of John Fisher & Patrick Payne.(1829)

Held title to his father's 80 acres(1834)



Mr. Garwood found her will at Olney, Illinois. Daniel J. Brittingham was the executor and the only other named was son, Uriah. The will was filed April 16, 1852 and recorded, page 559. (Refer letter from Bertha Brittingham Garrett)


NOTES ON LUCY BRITTINGHAM: (William's daughter>German's granddaughter)

Last Name, Bride or Groom: BRITTINGHAM

First Name, Bride or Groom: LUCY

Last Name, Spouse: TAYLOR

First Name, Spouse: JOHN

County : Gibson

Date : 10-27-1834



NOTES ON THOMAS JEFFERSON BRITTINGHAM: (William's son>German's grandson)

Thomas was living with brother William in the 1850, Pike Co., IN census


NOTES ON WILLIAM BRITTINGHAM: (William's son>German's grandson)

According to Bertha (Brittingham) Garrett, in a church "class book" William was a leader and later made an exorter. (Was a Baptist minister.)

Buried near Union, IN, in Hoover Young Cemetary (1861)


Brittingham, Ann Hunt = Union IOOF

Brittingham, Bert = Union IOOF

Brittingham, infant = Union IOOF

Brittingham, Mary = Hoover-Young

(Husband) Brittingham, Millard, Rev. = Union IOOF

Brittingham, Robert = Union IOOF

Brittingham, Sarah F.. = Hoover-Young

->(wife)Brittingham, Sarah Johnnon = Hoover-Young

Brittingham, Thursa Robling = Union IOOF

Brittingham, Verna Lee = Union IOOF

->Brittingham, William = Hoover-Young


Indiana Pike County Clay Township Hoover-Young Cemetery _____________________________________________

Brittingham, William Harrison, d. 3-3-1862, at Camp Calhoun - 21 yr 3 mo 19 da member Co D. Reg. Ind. Vol

Brittingham, Sarah F., d. 6-28-1854 - 1 yr 9 mo - dau. of Wm. & Sarah Brittingham

Brittingham, William, 3-7-1820 - 11-14-1861

Brittingham, Sarah Johnson, 5-10-1322 - 9-26-1892 - wife of William, m. 1839

Brittingham, Mary, 7-19-1856 - 5-20-1876

Additions & Corrections

Brittingham, Sabra, (Not Sarah as listed) ( From Ruth McClellan and Bernice Brittingham Peed)


Indiana State Library Genealogy Division "A - B" Indiana Marriages Through 1850

Last Name, Bride or Groom: BRITTINGHAM

First Name, Bride or Groom: WILLIAM

Last Name, Spouse: JOHNSON

First Name, Spouse: SAVANNAH

County : Gibson

Date : 12-26-1839

Last Name, Bride or Groom: BRITTINGHAM

First Name, Bride or Groom: WILLIAM

Last Name, Spouse: JOHNSON

First Name, Spouse: SAVARA

County : Pike

Date : 12-26-1839

Remarks: BK1 P85.

Marriage listed under both Pike & Gibson Co., IN



Savannah kept Mattie O'Dell, her granddaughter & the daughter of Martha Jane, until Savannah died according to Bessie (Brittingham) Tooley.


NOTES ON WILLIAM HARRISON BRITTINGHAM: (William's son>William Sr. grandson)

Had one daughter. Died in the Civil War.


Indiana Pike County Clay Township Hoover-Young Cemetery

->Brittingham, William Harrison, d. 3-3-1862, at Camp Calhoun - 21 yr 3 mo 19 da member Co D. Reg. Ind. Vol


NOTES ON PHELIX FALLS BRITTINGHAM: (William's son>William Sr. grandson)

Phelix (who later changed his name to Felix) seemed to be a "jack of all trades". It is not sure what came first, but he was a farmer by trade as well as a carpenter and minister.

He helped build Mt. Tabor Baptist Church and became one of the first ministers there, it is said but there is no documentation for this. The first minister of the church is listed as "Unknown". Later, he was the minister of Gordon Hills Methodist Church (between Patoka & Princeton, Indiana).

Will of Felix Brittingham

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all:- - - - - -I, Felix Brittingham, Clay Township, Pike Co., Ind. do make and publish this my last will and testament;

Item 1- - -It is my desire and will that my children shall remain at the home place until spring and thereafter until an order can be obtained from court and the home place be sold and applied on my debts and the balance be divided among my children, and it is my desire that Albert H. Johnson be executor of my will and estate.

Item 2- - -It is my desire and will that the said Albert H. Johnson will see to the financial welfare of my children until spring or until the Union school is out, from the said estate and that said aid must not be considered as any part of the children's share and after all of this is done, I want all of my children to share equal in what is left after indebtedness is paid.

The names of all my living children and heirs of this will are as follows- - -Ida Pearl Starkey, Albert Monroe Brittingham, Margaret Matilda Hayden, Walter Brittingham, Bessie Brittingham, LeRoy Brittingham, and Marion Brittingham.

Item 3- - -It is my will and desire that my son LeRoy will continue at school during the spring term at Oakland City, Ind. of the normal school and that LeRoy's expenses incurred in same shall be charged to him and taken from his part of said estate.

Item 4- - -I desire that said executor shall see that a suitable monument shall be placed at my own and wife's last resting place, the said monument must be good but cheap, not to cost over $50. I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made. In testimony hereof I have hereinto set my hand and seal this 7 Oct. 1913.

Felix Brittingham

Signed and acknowledged by said Felix Brittingham as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence,

George F. Conley

Subscribed and sworn before me this 6 Aug. 1914

Abner T. McAllister, clerk

By Perry W. McAllister (deputy)

Probably named for his uncle, Felix FALLS, husband of Angeline JOHNSON, sister to his mother.

Bertha Brittingham Garrett wrote that she found a marker for Felix in the Mt. Tabor Cemetery (IN) but did not find wife's name on it; maybe weathered off.

Bertha also notes that the reference to a "normal" school in Felix's will may be the college in Oakland City.


NOTES ON IDA PEARL BRITTINGHAM: (William, Jr.'s Daughter, my Great Grandmother)

Came to Peru-LaSalle, IL (1913-1914)

Died in People's Hosp., Peru, IL (now Illinois Valley Community Hospital)(May 28, 1944)

Buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, LaSalle, IL (LaSalle County)(1944)

Married Aubra/Aubrey "Bob" Starkey October 02, 1909 in Union, Pike Co., Indiana. Their daughter, my grandmother was born April 20, 1913 in Edwards County, Kansas.



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