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John Jacob CROISSANT was the son of Phillip Jacob CROISSANT, Jr & Anna Katherina GENZLINGER. He was born 26 June 1849 in Selby Township, Bureau County, Illinois.

He married Elizabeth ORTH first on 16 May 1869 in LaSalle County, Illinois. He had the following children with Elizabeth:

1. Katharina Karoline CROISSANT b. 17 Dec 1870, Peru, LaSalle County, IL

2. Hermina "Minnie" CROISSANT b. 8 June 1872, Peru, LaSalle County, IL

3. Anna Elizabeth CROISSANT b. 26 March 1877, Peru, LaSalle County, IL

4. Heinrich Jacob CROISSANT b. 9 December 1879, Peru, LaSalle County, IL

John Jacob married Mary SEEPE August of 1880, after the death of his first wife, Elizabeth on 22 February 1880.

John was often called "Jacob" or "Jake". This gets very confusing as his grandfather and father were also called as such, even though their "real" names were Phillip.

Elizabeth ORTH was born 07 Oct 1846 in Hagerstown, York County, Pennsylvania to Jacob & Caroline ORTH. Her siblings included Catherine & Henry. She died 22 Feb 1880 in Peru, LaSalle County, Illinois.

John Jacob CROISSANT'S second marriage was to Mary SEEPE. They were married in August of 1880. She was born 19 Aug 1859 in Peru, LaSalle Co., Illinois to William & Mary (MARKS) SEEPE, both of Germany. Mary died 26 July 1925 in Peru, LaSalle Co., Illinois.

This union brought forth the following children:

1. Jacob Heinrich Croissant b: August 14, 1886 in Peru, Illinois d: May 07, 1952 in Spring Valley, Illinois

m. Rose Mary Lehmann b: February 09, 1895 in Leonore, LaSalle Co., Illinois m: February 09, 1912 in Peru, Illinois d: September 09, 1980 in Spring Valley, Bureau County, Illinois Father: Ernst Lehmann Mother: Mary Kai

2. Jacob Wilhelm Croissant b: March 04, 1882 in Hennepin, Putnam Co., Illinois d: September 28, 1951 in Peru, LaSalle Co., Illinois

m. Bertha Thieman m: July 31, 1901 in Peru, Illinois

3. Caroline Friederike Croissant b: August 28, 1884 in Hennepin, Putnam Co., Illinois d: September 05, 1885 in Peru, LaSalle Co., Illinois

4. Anna Beatrice Croissant b: December 23, 1889 in Peru, LaSalle Co., Illinois d: March 29, 1928 in Peru, LaSalle Co., Illinois

m. Thomas Vincent McGrath m: May 20, 1908 in LaSalle, Illinois
*2nd Husband of Anna Beatrice Croissant:
m. Frank S. Teska m: February 21, 1921 in LaSalle, Illinois

5. Aristidus Croissant b: 1891 in Peru, Illinois d: 1892 in Peru, Illinois

6. John Edward Croissant b: November 04, 1894 in Peru, Illinois d: October 17, 1962 in Fairmont, Martin Co., Minnesota

m. Amelia Pyka m: September 17, 1919 in Peru, Illinois
*2nd Wife of John Edward Croissant:
m. Augusta Meta Thieman m: January 14, 1925 in Fairmont, Martin Co., Minnesota

7. Carl Walter Croissant b: September 21, 1898 in Peru, Illinois d: July 15, 1956 in Long Beach, California

m. Dora Marie Weslevsky m: May 02, 1925 in Marseilles, LaSalle Co., Illinois

8. Walter Carl Croissant b: March 30, 1900 in Peru, Illinois d: May 07, 1965 in LaSalle, Illinois

m. Harriet Mae Klein m: April 10, 1922 in Hennepin, Putnam Co., Illinois

9. Ellanore Croissant b: November 30, 1902 in Peru, Illinois d: February 23, 1983 in Peru, Illinois

m. William Andrew Huettemann b: October 28, 1890 in Germany m: June 22, 1921 in Peru, LaSalle Co., Illinois d: January 01, 1967 in Peru, LaSalle Co., Illinois

If you were all members of our CROISSANT family, we'd have more family members!