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Hard Kohr D.O.G. Cordonna

D.O.G. (Pronounced took a good year before the groomer & vet quit calling him "dog"!) is our adorable little Yorkie. He was born on April 9, 1997, one of the nine puppies my sister's Yorkie had. Nine! The vet was astounded and my sister was busy! Eight of the puppies lived and all had to be hand fed due to the mother having to have an emergency hysterectomy. There were charts & their ears were painted with different colored nail polish to know who got fed when. D.O.G. was known as "Gold" back then. (See photo at bottom of page.) He was sick as a newborn, the vet didn't think he was going to make it and he was at his worse when I was "puppy sitting". He would not eat. I held him in my hand and prayed...and hour later he was eating like a champ! I had to have him so when the time came, he joined our humble exchange for a $400 stereo system... which my husband STILL reminds me about!


We already had our sweet Chug, a Rat Terrier mix we got from the local shelter in February of 1994. They hit it off pretty well...a little too well, in fact, for before we could get Chug fixed, she had four "York Rats". Potent little D.O.G. wasn't even six months old yet. The puppies were absolutely adorable! Gator, one of the little cuties, joined our family on February 12th of 1998.


Gator turned out apricot in color, much the same as the gold color on D.O.G. with a little white from Chug. His hair is fine and grows like a Yorkie's hair does. Two of the puppies were black & white, (one died at birth) and two (including Gator) were this apricot like color. The black & white one had long hair like a Yorkie, too, and the other apricot colored one had short hair like Chug. (See photo at bottom of page.)
We got Chug fixed as soon as she could be after that! Three dogs are plenty for us for they keep us on our toes all the time. All together they don't weigh as much as one big dog! Chug is the biggest at 14 lbs., Gator at 9 lbs. & D.O.G. at 5 lbs. 6 oz.

D.O.G. with his gold ears.

D.O.G. is all ears! D.O.G. at 3 months old.

Chug & D.O.G.'s puppies...Gator is in the back.

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