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What an elusive family! This part of my genealogy is not very indepth as it only goes as far back as my great grandparents. (That's me down there...Vicki Sue (Donna) Kohr.)Doing internet research on this family is a nightmare as any search engine I've encountered brings up a million Donna first names! So, please, anybody at all with information on this family, please e-mail me!

Descendants of Antone Donna

1 Antone (or Antonio) Donna b: in Torino, Italy

+Louisa Boggio b: in Italy

2 Peter Donna b: May 30, 1894 in Spring Valley, IL d: April 08, 1965 in Spring Valley, IL Cause of Death: Colon Cancer

+Emma Margaret Foockle b: August 16, 1893 in Peru, IL m: April 25, 1918 d: June 16, 1958 in Spring Valley, IL Father: John Foockle Mother: Margaret Lindenmyer(?)

3 Louise Donna

+Leonard Bratkovitch

4 John Bratkovitch

4 Paul Bratkovitch

3 Peter Jr. Donna Cause of death: Died of Diptheria in childhood.

3 Arthur Donna

3 Christina Donna

3 Florence Donna Cause of death: Breast Cancer

+Joseph Sigmund

4 Joseph Jr. Sigmund

+Sandra Anderson

4 Steven Sigmund

4 Susie Sigmund

3 Dorothy A. Donna b: March 06, 1918 d. Abt. 1991 in Spring Valley, ILCause of Death: Sugar Diabetes

+Edwin Meyer d. in Spring Valley, IL Cause of Death: Sugar Diabetes Father: Edwin Sr. Meyer

3 John Donna b: July 16, 1926 in Spring Valley, IL +Joanne Alberta Schell b: February 13, 1938 in Peru, IL m: December 11, 1957 in Ottawa, IL d: September 27, 1976 in Peoria, IL Cause of death: Cerebrial Hemmorage Father: Clare Edward Schell Mother: Frances Alberta Starkey

4 William Edward Donna +Donna Knuckey m: January 08, 1999 in Mendota, LaSalle Co., Illinois

4 Debra Lynn Donna b: July 31, 1958 in Peru, Illinois

4 Tammy Kay Donna b: March 01, 1960

4 Vicki Sue Donna b: February 14, 1969 in Spring Valley, IL

+Jess Allen Kohr b: March 22, 1972 in Peru, IL m: December 23, 1993 in Jonesville, IL Father: Richard Herbert Kohr Mother: Rosemary Elizabeth Preiser

*2nd Wife of Peter Donna:

+Anna Sajak Theodore m: November 14, 1959 in Spring Valley, IL

2 George John Donna b: September 13, 1896 in Spring Valley, ILd: October 1986 in Orlando, Florida

+Theresa Sandretto b: June 04, 1889 in Braceville, IL d: February 1979

3 George John Jr. Donna b: September 24, 1919 in Spring Valley, Illinois

+Winona Bessie Olin b: January 30, 1928 in Joliet, Illinois m: July 04, 1944 in Lancaster, California Father: Lloyd Robert Olin Mother: Winona Glaudell

4 Kristine Marie Donna b: October 09, 1946 in Joliet, Illinois

+Richard Harvey

4 Patricia Ann Donna b: September 15, 1948 in Joliet, Illinois

+Timothy Lytton

4 Danny George Donna b: October 03, 1951 in Joliet, Illinois

2 Antone Jr. Donna

Oral Family History

Antonio DONNA came first to Braidwood, Illinois with his wife, Louisa BOGGIO to work in the coal mines there. Several of his siblings stayed in that area. Antonio, however, moved to Spring Valley, Illinois, where the Northwestern coal mines were booming. He and his family built a house where the St. Margaret's Hospital ambulance service now sits. It overlooked the "valley" and was on a hill, which reminded Louisa of her home in Italy. I think it must be the highest point in Spring Valley. Louisa looked like a "gypsy". She had coal black, wiry hair and dark eyes. She wore large hoop earrings all the time and barely stood five feet high. She was a devoted Catholic woman, hardly seen without her Bible in hand which she liked to read under the grape arbor at her home. As she became elderly, the priest at St. Anthony's Church in Spring Valley (who had also came from Torino) had to ask her to quit coming to church for her own safety. She made her grandson, John, his first sling shot and taught him how to hit Blackbirds for her "Blood Soup". I believe she always missed Italy. She lived in an area in Spring Valley that contained many ethnic cultures but mostly Italian. She never had to learn English and learned very little. When her grandson, John, started school and begin forgetting the Italian language, he no longer could understand his grandmother. She gave his father holy heck for this. Antonio was more fair in his coloring and had blue eyes. His son, Peter, was the same as well as Peter's son, John.

If you were all members of my DONNA family, we'd have more family members!