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Recipes For Family Gatherings

Every family gathering calls for a special dish you'd be proud to bring. It's traditional to bring a family recipe but where do family recipes start? If everybody brought a family recipe passed down for generations, no new recipes would ever be invented to be passed on to future generations. That is why I believe every good family gathering should have the best of both worlds-the old and and the new. If you are related to me (please click the "Home" button to find out), e-mail me any family recipes you wish to share. In the subject field of your e-mail put "Recipe". In the body not only put the title & recipe but any bonds to this recipe (i.e. feelings about it) as well as your name and how you relate to any of the lines you will find by visiting my homepage. (Check out the first link there, too!)

You don't have to be directly related to submit a recipe but to keep it family oriented, please at least be related to one of the surnames listed at The Donna and Kohr Family Surname Site. Thank you and enjoy!

These recipes have made people's mouths water times!