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  There are all kinds of trees...but none as are old or as beautiful as 
the family tree.  Where the roots grow deep, the tree will not faulter
and each branch of the tree does it's part to keep the tree alive & 

  If while browsing through my tree, you should find you are a part of
my ever growing tree, please e-mail me as soon as possible!  The bigger
the tree, the more beautiful and fulfilling it becomes to a genealogist!
Of course, if you are here, you already know that!  If you find any of
my information is inaccurate, please let me know this also.  My info.
has come from several different sources but as far as I know, all has
been researched, much personally.

  Please check back often, as I will be adding names and facts as time
allows.  Not all the information I have on my ancestors will be listed
here, as I simply don't have the time.  However, if you would like more 
information on someone, please e-mail me.  I'd be happy to exchange info.

  Hope to hear from you...and welcome to the family!

Vicki Kohr
544 N. 1981st Rd.
Tonica, Illinois 61370
United States


Genealogy Page
An outline of my family tree along with other genealogical info. concerning surnames in my tree.
Schell Family Tree
Henry Schell and his decendands with births/deaths/and places where available.
Johannes Caspar Schell Descendants
Dates, marriages, births, starting from Johannes Schell & Anna Catherine Bott.
Schell and Brittingham Photos & Information
Photos of my grandparents and information on them from Pennsylvania & Indiana to Illinois
Starkey Family History Information
Photos & information including Aubra Starkey & his siblings.
Brittingham Family History
This is an extensive site featuring photos, over 200 names, information & memoirs.
Heim Family Genealogy
Dedicated to the research of the Heim family in my line as well as links. My line begins with John Heim, born Austria & died Pennsylvania.

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