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Johannes Caspar Schell & Anna Catherine Bott & Descendants

1.  Johannes Caspar SCHELL b. Wertemberg, Germany  d. Aft 1804 in 
    Lincoln Co., NC  m. Anna Catherine Gertrude BOTT  b. in PA

    2.  Johannes "John" SCHELL  b. 6 Jan 1750 in Hempfield Twnshp, 
        Landcaster Co., PA  d. 1797  m. Catharina FEIGHLEY in 1772, 
        Hagerstown, MD  She was b. 7 June 1751, Winterlingen, Wertemberg,
        Germany.  Died 22 Apr 1846 in Lenoir, NC at home of Azor Schell

        3.  Daniel SCHELL b. 1785, NC  d. 1852, Shell Creek, Carter Co., 
            TN  m. 1805 to Polly MILLER b. 1788  d. 1871
            4.  George H. SCHELL b. 1806  d. 1889
                Henry D. SCHELL  b. 1808
                Catherine G. SCHELL b. 1810
                Elizabeth SCHELL b. 1812
                Daniel SCHELL Jr. b. 1814, Avery Co., NC  d. 1878
                m. Maryanne CLARKE
                5.  Daniel B. SCHELL b. 1866, Roan Mtn., TN  m. 
                    Missouria CLARKE b. 1870
                    6.  John SCHELL b. 1889
                        Floyd SCHELL b. 1891
                        Stella SCHELL b. 1892
                        Nettie SCHELL b. 1894
                        Will SCHELL b. 1896
                        Burl R. SCHELL b. 1896 b. 1898, Shell Creek, 
                        Roan Mtn., TN  m. Iva Lou KING b. Avery Co., NC
                        Laughton SCHELL b. 1900
                        Lynn SCHELL b. 1901
                        Burg SCHELL b. 1903
                        Newell SCHELL b. 1905
                        Amy SCHELL b. 1906
                        Mary SCHELL b. 1908
                        Mack SCHELL b. 1911
                        Dorothy SCHELL b. 1913

           4. Malinda SCHELL b. 1816  d. 1909
              John A. SCHELL  b. b. 1819  d. 1906
              Alfred SCHELL  b. 1823
              Andrew J. SCHELL  b. 1826
              Hiram FINLEY b. 1829
        3.  Catharina SCHELL
            Christian B. SCHELL  b. 21 Mar 1773, Hagerstown, MD
            m. Rachel MARTIN
            Charles SCHELL  b. 1775, NC  m. Hannah MARTIN 
            John SCHELL, Jr.  b. 1779, NC  m. 1801 to Margaret McCALL
            b. in Caldwell Co., NC
          4.  William SCHELL m. 1823 to Cynthia E. DAVIS
              Elizabeth SCHELL m. Franklin McCALL
              Margaret SCHELL  m. William BRASWELL
              Nancy SCHELL  m. Mathew SETZER
              John Henry SCHELL d. in the early 1920's
              Robert McCall SCHELL m. Partherina BAKER
             5. William Gaston SCHELL
          4.  Julia SCHELL  m. Henry BOWMAN
              Azor SCHELL  m. Jane REED & Elizabeth COLEMAN
              John Wesley SCHELL
       3.  Samuel SCHELL b. Bef 1780, NC d. Bef 1850, Harlan Co., KY
           m. 1805 to Mary Ann FRY b. 1776, NC  d. 5 Aug 1877, Harlan Co.,
           KY in her son John's home
          4.  John SCHELL  b. Abt 1822, Grassy Creek, Leslie Co., KY
                  d. 6 July 1922, Harlan Co., KY  m. 1844, Harlan Co., KY
                  to Elizabeth NANCE  b. Abt 1822
              5.  Polly Ann SCHELL b. Abt 1844  m. Eli HUFF
                  William SCHELL b. Abt 1847
                  Jackson SCHELL  b. Abt 1848  d.  young
                  Nicholas SCHELL  b. Abt 1850  m. 1877 to Dallia FRENCH
                  Sarah SCHELL  b. Abt 1852  m. 1872 to Reuben CHAPPELL
                  John P.M. SCHELL  b. 24 May 1852, Harlan Co., KY  m.
                  1873 to Minty FARLEY
                  Martha SCHELL  b. 12 Aug 1854, Harlan Co., KY
                  Elizabeth SCHELL  b. Abt 1856
                  Abijah S. Bige SCHELL  b. 14 Dec 1858, Harlan Co., KY
                  Silas B. SCHELL  b. Abt 1862  m. 1878 to Nancy DUFF
                  James McClellan SCHELL  b. Abt 1864
                  Emily SCHELL  b. Abt 1866
                  Robert F. SCHELL  b. Mar 1893
         4.  George SCHELL b. Abt 1810, TN  d. Abt 1868
             Solomon SCHELL  b. Abt 1812, TN  d. Aft 21 Jan 1878  m.
             1840, Harlan Co., KY to Tabitha DIXON  d. Aft 21 Jan 1878

             5.  Louisa Lawson SCHELL  b. Abt 1841, Clay Co., KY
                 m. 1874 to John A. DISHER
                 Martha Polly SCHELL  b. Abt 1843, Clay Co., KY m. Lihu
                 Mary Ann "Sally" SCHELL  b. Abt 1845, Clay Co., KY
                 John D. SCHELL  b. Abt 1847, Clay Co., KY  d. Aft 1890
                 m.  Elizabeth NOLAN in 1867  b. Abt 1848
                 William SCHELL  b.  Abt 1849  d.  young
                 Catherine SCHELL  b. Abt 1850  m. 10 March 1871, Harlan Co., KY
                 to John DAY
                 Henry D. SCHELL  b. 6 Dec 1853, Harlan Co., KY  m. 1870, Harlan Co., 
                 KY to Cordelia NOLEN
                 Nancy SCHELL  b. 20 Dec 1854, Harlan Co., KY  d. young
                 Rebecca SCHELL  b. Abt 1856  m. 1873 to Lafayette NOLAN
                 Nicholas SCHELL  b. 1 Mar 1859, Harlan Co., KY

          4.  Polly Ann SCHELL  b. Abt 1816, TN  m. Jonathan OSBORNE
              5.  Susan OSBORNE  b. Abt 1843
                  Julia A. OSBORNE b. Abt 1846
                  Mary A. OSBORNE  b. Abt 1849
                  William OSBORNE  b. Abt 1851  m. 1872 to Sarah CLONINGER
                  Jane OSBORNE  b. 12 Sept 1854
                  Cameliza OSBORNE  b. Abt 1857
                  Sarah OSBORNE  b. Abt 1862
                  Nancy OSBORNE  b. Abt 1864
          4.  Polly Ann SCHELL  b. Abt 1816, TN  m. Joel CAWOOD
              5.  Nancy CAWOOD  b. Abt 1839  m. William F. OSBORNE
                  Esther CAWOOD  b. Abt 1837  m. Francis HALL
          4.  Nicholas SCHELL  b. Abt 1827, TN  m. Eliza IRVIN b. 1835, VA
              5.  John S. SCHELL  b. 31 Aug 1852, Catorns Creek, Harlan Co., KY
                  Rebecca SCHELL  b. 2 May 1854, Harlan Co., KY  m. 1875
                  to John TURNER




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