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Favorite Family...

Quick and easy appetizers for parties, reunions, or a special evening at home.
Main Dishes
If these recipes don't leave your mouth watering, check your pulse!
Side Dishes
You'll want to make these quick and easy side dishes for your own family!
Simple and simply delicious.

Welcome To My "Diner"!

If you are anything like me, cooking must be simple & delicious.
And these are simply delicious!  Many of the recipes you will find
here are tried & true family recipes.  

Thanks for dropping by & visiting my virtual diner!  Please e-mail me or 
sign the guestbook on my main page (Food, Family, & Fun) if you tried
any of these recipes & let me know what you think.  

The atmosphere here is relaxed, so take your time browsing through the 
entrees.  And be sure to visit us again...the menu just keeps on growing!

Vicki Kohr
Tonica, Illinois