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John's Giblet & Mushroom Stuffing
We can never get enough of my dad's dressing at the holidays. Moist & delicious!
Bac 'N Beans
Anyone who loves bacon (and aren't watching their weight!) will love these green beans, including kids!
Party Potatoes
A famous recipe well known in Illinois, easy, cheesy, & delicious!
The Best Instant Potatoes
Instant potatoes don't have to taste that way! A few simple changes & they'll be asking for more!
Spinach Souffle
Just making this dish made my mouth water! You may even get a few non-spinach lovers to try it!
For the Love of Carrot Haters
Even I never cared for carrots until I made them this way! Packed with flavor.
Scalloped Corn
A great dish for a potluck as it is quick, easy, & will make you the talk of the party!
Crab & Pasta Salad
A great cold dish for when you have to bring something at the last minute. It's addicting!!!
Hot German Potato Salad
A great substitute for those who dislike mayo or Miracle Whip (tm) like me!
The Secret to Eating Brussel Sprouts
Savory & delicious! I may even get my hubby to eat these brussel sprouts. (I love them like this!)

If I were cooking, I could have cooked for guests so far!

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