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  October 16, 1998

  Please meet Rosemary Elizabeth (Preiser) Kohr.  
She is my mother-in-law.
  The top pic is of me, Vicki Sue (Donna) Kohr, 
my hubby, Jess Allen Kohr, & his mom, Rose, on our
wedding day, 23 December 1993.  The cropped pic is of Rose
on the same day.  
  A month ago Rose fell ill & the diagnosis has been 
up and down, more down than up lately.  After a week
in a local hospital, they sent her to a hospital 100+ miles
away to get better care.  She is still there.
  Just yesterday she had part of her stomach removed.  There are
so many things complicating the matter that I don't know
where to begin.  She is on so many machines that it is hard
to see her that way.  She still manages to smile when she 
can.  She is a remarkable woman.
  My Mom-in-Law is like a mom to me.  My mom died when I was seven 
& I never thought I'd know what a mom was like again.  Then,
I married Jess & his family.  She never treated me like an 
in-law.  I was family.  To know Rose is to love her.  

  She is still in ICU after a month...only out of there for 2 days.
She is a very strong woman supported by many prayers.  I believe
prayers thus far have made a huge difference.  Please help us get
her well.  As strong as she is, prayer stregnthens her even more...
and us.  
  Please find it in your soul to pray for her.  She really needs
all the help she can get.  And we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Vicki (& Jess)


February 1999
Just wanted to keep you all updated.  I will be removing this page soon.  
Rose is doing fantastically!  She was given the okay by her doctor to 
begin driving again and even went back to her bookkeeping job.  She 
doesn't know what to do with herself not being able to work both of her
jobs yet so is planning on volunteering for our local food pantry as well
as her usual volunteering at the local library book sales.  

Thank you all for your prayers!  I don't care what people say, there is 
power in prayer!

Vicki & Jess Kohr

If this visit were a prayer, we would have prayers.