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  Growing up I learned a lot about the great outdoors. My parents 
first took me camping at six months of age in a wicker laundry basket!
When my dad caught a 36 lb. catfish at Lock 3 in Bureau County, Illinois,
it was in the paper but it was never was eaten.  

  We like to think the days of living off the land are behind us.  They
may be and they may not.  You may even choose to live more simply, simply
because you want to.  I enjoy the nature & I believe we should use the 
means it provides us naturally.  Regardless, these things are good to know.
In case of an emergency, these will be priceless lessons.  




I am not a doctor nor an expert of any kind.  The natural ways I speak of to follow 
are things that have either been in my family for generations or learned
of by myself.  

BEE STING- Apply wet mud or a paste of baking soda & water to the affected area.
           As this dries, it will pull out the sting.  (I loved when my mom
           did this as a child as the mud was cool & it felt better in just
           a few minutes)  If you are allergic to bee stings, consult your

A PIMPLE- Apply a clump of moistened soap (NOT moisterizing soap) to the 
          pimple, covering it entirely.  Let dry.  Repeat until the blemish
          is gone.  (Mine were gone in a few days)

PUFFY EYES-  Apply two freshly sliced cucumbers over each closed eye as you
             relax.  This feels wonderful & reduces the puffiness greatly!

SOFT HAIR-  Wash hair in rain water (under a gutter works great!) 

SUBSTITUTES FOR SHAMPOO- Dove (TM) Body Bar, Dove (TM) or Dawn (TM) Dish Soap,
                         or a minute amount of conditioner mixed with an egg 
                         or beer.


  I heard a story not too long ago about a lady in a town not too far away
who was without power for several days.  It was winter and cold.  She called
the power company to ask when she might get heat and they said they were
working on it.  She asked what she was supposed to do, she was freezing.  
They asked her if she had a kitchen table.  She said yes.  They said to burn 
it for heat.  

  I told you that story so you could see how easily an emergency situation
may arise and how quickly.  It doesn't take a lot to be prepared for a minor
one but I would always suggest being prepared for anything.

  In doing so, here is what I would suggest having on hand at all times:

1.  Baking soda-  It's cheap, it puts out grease fires, you can brush your
                  teeth with it, you can use it as a pull for bee stings,
                  absorb odors, etc.

2.  Ice & Bottled Water-  If your water supply was rationed or your electricty
                          went out you would still be able to survive.

3.  Canned Goods-  Tuna fish, chicken, non acidic veggies, fruit, etc. will last 
                   a long time.  Plan on at least 3 per person per day to survive.

4.  Paper, Dryer Lint, Wood- Heat source, crafts.  During a crisis, you could
                             teach a child how to make a paper airplane before
                             using it as a heat source.  Dryer lint is great for
                             starting fires as well as a blanket insulator.  (NOT
                             FIREPROOF!)  Wood can be used for so many things...
                             plant a tree now!


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