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Husband's surname listed first.
Page updated on 19 AUG 2003
ABRAHAM, Anthony H. to ARHARNS, Louisa on 19 Feb 1855 Source: IRAD
ABRAHAM, Jacob D. to LAUGHLIN, Julia W. on 19 June 1851 Source: IRAD
BEERS, Ray to GARNDER, Sadie on 23 July 1901 of Vermillion Twp., married in Tonica, LaSalle County, IL Source: Tonica News
BOTTOMLEY, Edward to NAGUS, Maude P. on 12 March 1896 Source: IRAD
BOTTOMLEY, William to GALOP, Jane on 11 Dec 1890 Source: IRAD
BOTTOMLY, John, Jr. to CARTER, Bessie on 15 Mar 1899 Source: IRAD
BOTTOMLY, Thomas A. to WILLIAMS, Matilda E. on 30 June 1880 Source: IRAD
BOYD, Chancy A. to HALDEMAN, Eva R. on 02 Dec 1897 Source: IRAD
BOYD, George to PIERCE, Hattie on 30 Aug 1893 Source: IRAD
BOYD, Henry B. to GOODRICH, Emma L. on 28 Apr 1872 Source: IRAD
BOYD, Hiram C. to PARRISH, Eva on 01 Nov 1877 Source: IRAD
BOYD, John L. to MARSHALL, Bessie Rosa on 24 Jan 1892 Source: IRAD
BUCKINGHAM, Thomas to MILLER, Ursula on 05 Nov 1890 Source: Tonica News
CALLAHAN, Jeremiah to KALEHER, Mary on 11 Oct 1872 Source: IRAD
CALLAHAN, Jerry to MC MAHON, Ann on 18 Nov 1875 Source: IRAD
CALLAHAN, John to HAYDEN, Helen on 08 Oct 1895 Source: IRAD
CALLAHAN, Michael to MARONEY, Mary on 15 Feb 1857 Source: IRAD
CALLAHAN, Michael to MURNIGHAN, Anna on 06 Jan 1882 Source: IRAD
CALLAHAN, Michael J. to LEAHY, Elizabeth on 10 June 1896 Source: IRAD
CALLAHAN, William to HARTNETT, Julia C. on 10 Aug 1898 Source: IRAD
CALLAHAN, William to SASSENBERG, Mary on 10 Oct 1899 Source: IRAD
CARUS, Paul Gottfried to HEGELER, Marie on 29 March 1888 Source: IRAD
CODY, Fred married HALL, Sarah A. – 30 Jan 1879 Source: IRAD
CODY, James married O’DONAHUE, Winifred – 11 Jun 1867 Source: IRAD
CODY, James J. married WHALEN, Mary – Nov 1869 Source: IRAD
CODY, James J. married NOONAN, Mrs. Ellen – 21 May 1884 Source: IRAD
CODY, John married STINSON, Margaret – 17 Feb 1840 Source: IRAD
CODY, John H. married RUSSELL, Mary – 20 Feb 1887 Source: IRAD
CODY, John J. married CONERTON, Adelia L. – 29 May 1900 Source: IRAD
CODY, Michael married O’DONOGHUE, Helen – 12 Oct 1863 Source: IRAD
CODY, Richard married McLAGHLIN, Rose Ann – 01 Dec 1839 Source: IRAD
CODY, William P. married EVANS, Livinia – 12 Nov 1852 Source: IRAD
FRALEY, Darwin to BOYD, Alvina on 19 Sept 1877 Source: IRAD
GORE, Theron E. married THOMPSON, Sarah – 06 Jul 1873 Source: IRAD
GRAVES, H.S. married KENYON, Nellie - 20 March 1886 Source: IRAD
GRAVES, Herbert F. married BEAVER, Christina - 25 June 1869 Source: IRAD
GRAVES, Howard married GRUEHLKE, Ida W. - 19 March 1891 Source: IRAD
GRAVES, John W. married BALDERSON, Laura Ann - 30 June 1877 Source: IRAD
HARFORD, Caleb N. to BOYD, Mary on 30 Nov 1876 Source: IRAD
HOCKING, John H. to BOYD, Nellie L. on 01 Jan 1896 Source: IRAD
HECKLER, Charles E. of Chicago, IL to LITTLE, Leila of Emporia, Kansas - 03 July 1901 in
Tonica, LaSalle County, IL Source: Tonica News
JAMES, Arthur B. married BEARD, Mrs. Kate – 01 Oct 1881 Source: IRAD
JAMES, Charles E. married BUTCHER, Lottie – 11 Sept 1900 Source: IRAD
JAMES, Edward E. married SCHWARTS, Sarah – 06 Jun 1885 Source: IRAD
JAMES, Elbridge G. married GLEASON, Martha Ann – 07 July 1843 Source: IRAD
JAMES, John married RIORDAN, Mary – 10 Oct 1883 Source: IRAD
JAMES, John married RICHARDSON, Carrie – 19 Sept 1887 Source: IRAD
JAMES, William married PRIEST, Mrs. Euniece – 04 July 1880 Source: IRAD
JAMES, William married GRINDEL, Mary Ann – 06 August 1890 Source: IRAD
JAMESON, Dallas married RYAN, Bridget – 17 July 1876 Source: IRAD


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