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There is something about the smell of burning rubber and gasoline and oil that makes my heart skip a beat. I absolutely love the excitement and commitment the drivers give to NASCAR every race. It puts a thrill in my Sundays, especially when Ward is driving up front! There is an excitement that only other race fans would know the feeling of. Pure, raw, heart pounding excitement.

Ward is one of those drivers that you just look at in awe. If you look closely, you can almost see the spark in his eyes of pure competitiveness. There is an air of excitement about him that beckons you to watch, a goal for victory that you can do nothing but root for. And I love when he ends up in victory lane, for his win as well as to hear that great Virginia accent!

During the 2002 Daytona race, exactly a year since the horrible accident that stole Dale Earnhardt from us, I was 3" from our 32" t.v., biting my nails with my heart pounding out of my chest with Ward in front. What a nice way to remember the Daytona race now with Ward Burton getting his first ever Daytona win! I don't think I've ever gotten so emotional about a race since the one a year before at Daytona.

Another "neat" thing regarding Ward happened when we sent him a birthday card last October. I had never sent a "fan letter" since I was nine years old to John Schneider! Anyway, in it I had asked for an autographed card. No kidding, I received two autographed cards on MY birthday...the VERY same day- February 14th. (Yes, also Valentine's Day!) My husband gave me all kinds of ribbing on how on earth could he compare to that, lol! But, he did well, too! (A bird feeding station & Ward collectibles!!!...what a Hubby!) That's gotta rate up there with one of the best ever!

This is the drawing I did of Ward on June 30th, 2002.


Ward was born on October 25th, 1961 in Danville, Virginia. At age 11 Ward started in go-karts and has been racing strong ever since! At 17 he raced motorcross and went on to Late Model Sportsman. In 1990 Ward began driving in the Busch Grand National. He split his schedule between driving his family owned Buick and the Swaim Racing Chevy, scoring 3 top 10 finishes. His number back then was 27.

His Winston Cup career began in 1994 where he had 26 starts, 1 top 5 win, 2 top tens and no 1st place victories. He drove the number 31 Hardee's Chevrolet Lumina under the A. G. Dillard team with crew chief Freddy Fryer.

In addition to his racing career, Ward has an excellent charitable organization he has made happen. I fully support this effort and hope you all feel the same compassion. Ward is a military man, a hunter, a nature lover, a father, a husband and a racer. His love for the wildlife, for the preservation of the Earth is an admirable one. To find out more about his Wildlife Foundation, please see theWard Burton Wildlife Foundation Website. To join his official fan club and get some really awesome stuff, see his official website at Ward's Official Website.

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Updated 08 Aug 2003

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