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Is Schell or Shell a Native American Name?

We were always told we were Pennsylvania Dutch Indian...if there is such a thing. We were also told we came from the Iroqoius Nation. (Please click here for more information.) Family members seem to think the Native American blood came from one of the woman's side. My grandfather (Clare SCHELL) was born in Sandy Lake, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. This town is so small it is often refered to as "Stoneboro R.D." in records. He married Frances STARKEY. His father, George Henry SCHELL was also born in Pennsylvania, his mother, Josehine HEIM in Germany. This leads me to believe the Native American name either came from "Schell" or "George". They would be Clare's grandparents,Henry SCHELL and Margaret Anna GEORGE. If anyone can shed some light on this matter, please e-mail me.

Clare Edward Schell

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