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Jess' Winter Chili
My husband's greatest contribution to the dinner table. (And he's a super cook!)
Cheesy Cauliflower Soup
Absolutely delicious! A rich, hearty soup that's addicting!


Kohr Crusted Chicken
Juicy chicken breasts with a ton of flavor! My hubby asks for this often & it's so easy I don't mind!
Stuffed Zinfandel Chicken
If you never knew, you would swear these delicious stuffed breasts came from a high society restaurant!
Chicken Cordon Bleu Roll'mmm's
Restaurant style chicken with a burst of rich flavor.
"Olive Garden" Chicken
A light mingling of delicious flavors on this delicious grilled chicken.
Chicken Cacciatore Amoire'
Hearty & rich with cheese & Italian toasted bread, few ingredients make it even better!


Italian Beef
My great grandparents came directly from Torino & I think even they would be proud of this dish.
Country Fried Steak
A quick & easy dish so good you'd swear someone else made it!
Susie's Shiskabob's
A great grill recipe that's easy & tasty. Over rice with more Terriyaki sauce is even better!


Potato Fluff
A dish your kids will love! It's messy, it's delicious & it get them to eat their beans!
Sizzle Burgers
Tasty hamburgers with a secret ingredient.


Honey, I Peppered the Pork
An outstanding pork dish that seeps with honey flavor.
Hearty Italian Sausage
A dish in itself, this dish will fill 'em up in a hurry, yet keep 'em coming back for more!
Cracked in the Chops
Juicy, tender pork chops in a cracker crust make my mouth water just thinking of them!
Lovin' Oven Chops
Tender pork chop & full of flavor ready to serve in about 30 minutes.
Pork You Can Eat With a Fork
Delicious meal in about 30-45 minutes with mouth watering pork cutlets.


Deb's Spicy Spaghetti
My sister's recipe, not for the bland! Very tasty with a rich, robust flavor.
Pork & Pasta Italia
A hearty pasta dish that smells as good as it tastes.
Spaghetti On A Schedule
It uses canned spaghetti sauce but on a time limit, it's delicious.


The Quickest Tuna Casserole in Town
When you've had a busy day & need a super fast & really good meal, this is it!

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